Don Doherty


I see beauty everywhere I look. On my morning walk down the block, my eyes dart between the sidewalks and stoops and trees and clouds, finding so many dozens of visual masterpieces it's a wonder I ever make it to the train. Photography is for me an outlet for my infatuation with the beauty of everyday life, and since I'm based in the Republic of Brooklyn, my work focuses on the life and landscape of the City of New York. With my lens, I prob its streets and parks, shorelines and rooftops, bridges and tunnels, looking for those arresting vantage points and spectacular tempolar coincidences that reveal its inner character. I'm as interested in its iconic architecture as I'm in the infinitely diverse lives of its inhabitants, and my favorite place to shoot is invariably right in the middle of the street, with rivers of people and traffic rushing in every direction all around me. The life of this city gives me life and my photographs attempt to return the favor. My work has been featured extensively in New York City on Instagram edited by Dan Kurtzman. I have also published a collection, Winter in New York, winner of the HP Inspiration Award for excellence in publishing in 2018.


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